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We Provide Backflow Testing in Calgary

In Calgary, some homes and businesses have cross connection devices at their properties. This device prevents water that has been used for washing, heating and cooling from flowing into our drinking water.

The City of Calgary oversees annual testing and compliance of these devices in order to protect Calgary's drinking water supply from contamination. College Waterworks Ltd. is licensed and certified for backflow testing in Calgary.

If you have received a letter, you need to have your cross connection device tested by a certified tester who is registered with the City of Calgary. College Waterworks Ltd. is a licensed and certified tester by the City of Calgary and by the City of Airdrie.

We provide cross connection control device tests for every type of testable device. College Waterworks Ltd. has several certified testers, registered with the City of Calgary and the American Water Works Association – Western Canada Division (AWWA).

Our services include annual cross connection control device testing and report filing, device repairs, replacements, and even brand new device installation. With our expertise and extensive experience, we have the knowledge to troubleshoot problems to ensure our drinking water stays safe and healthy.

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