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Water Recycling and Harvesting in Calgary

College Waterworks Ltd. is a leader in water recycling in Calgary. As worldwide water resources become strained and the Green Movement grows, the interest in wastewater recycling has grown exponentially. Reusing rainwater, condensate, or greywater on-site can have significant financial and environmental benefits. But it is not without significant health and financial risk. The key is to work with a partner who understands these risks and can provide complete technological solutions. With nearly two decades of experience in water reclamation systems, Water Control is that partner. 

We offer:

  • Packaged, safe, turnkey systems for the recovery, storage, treatment, and delivery of reclaimed water to non-potable systems
    (including rainwater reuse)

  • Systems for capture and recovery of rainwater, condensate, greywater, backwash water, concentrate, groundwater, and process water

  • Viable water supplies for irrigation, heating/cooling systems, toilets, water features, and processes

  • Monitored disinfection/filtration systems using UV, ozone, and chemical injection technologies

  • Qualified professionals to simplify system design, purchasing, installation, commissioning, and maintenance

  • Knowledge and experience from previous installations

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SUV in car wash

Water Reclamation Car Wash Systems and Water Harvesting

If you are currently operating a mobile car wash business or eco-friendly mobile detailing business you may already be collecting your wash water. College Waterworks can offer you a water reclamation car wash system. We have the expertise to assist you with choosing the right equipment that you need regarding water run-off. If you are aiming to procure accounts like office buildings, country clubs and shopping centres you may also need a full-size car wash mat to collect your wash water. We can help. Call us.

College Waterworks can also offer a vacuum filtration system that will allow you to collect, contain and reuse the filtered water making it extremely convenient to operate a high volume mobile car wash business. Don’t get psyched out because of the additional equipment you may need to operate your detailing or car wash business with. You will be able to obtain huge profitable accounts that require you to be compliant with your local environmental laws. If you are, and your competition isn’t – guess who gets the contract? You do!

Contact us today to learn more.

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